Rule #1: "Look Cool".

Rule #2: "Be cool".

Speedbox Coolers satisfy the first two rules in spades.

  • Each Speedbox Cooler is one piece rotationally molded out of low-density polyethylene. This means it's as strong as it gets.
  • The guts are made up with the highest rated Dupont foaming agent available. This means it's the coldest cooler on the market.
  • Just so we can say it, all Speedbox coolers are certified by the IGBC as bear-resistant.
  • YakAttack gear tracks on each side allow for easy customization via RAM accessory integration, allowing you to add holders for fishing rods, phones, cups, fish finders, GPS.
  • 6 tie-down points (4 of which are bottle openers at the corners) giving multiple ways to secure your cooler for transport.
  • Lockable via padlock on the front corners.
  • Low-profile, camming latches are hinging for ease of use and snag-free when loading or using the cooler as a casting platform.
  • Standing/sitting pad is included for traction and comfort.
  • The interior features a removable solid thermoformed plastic tray.
  • the way, it'll keep ice for up to ten days. 


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