While mobilizing our Special Forces team for another tour to Afghanistan, a couple of us were packing our gear on a 463-L pallet and griped about the miserable experience. Our misery stemmed from cheap, weak, and insecure boxes, that when stacked together either exceeded the usable dimensions, left a large amount of space unused, or created instability on the pallet. These conditions wasted our time, jeopardized the mission-critical contents and invoked the rejection by the Air Force Loadmasters: “Repack!”

Upon arrival, our next problem was getting our kit from the jinga trucks and HLZ into our team house in a quick and efficient way. It took from two to four people to move each of the boxes and dozens of trips to fully unload the pallet, which was an unacceptable risk and less than stellar OPSEC.

“There’s got to be a better way!” was all we could think about. And that was the genesis of Speedbox—the Ten Minute Mobilization System—designed and distributed by combat veterans who want to deliver a more dependable and versatile container to seamlessly work with the 463-L pallet system.

The vision for this began in 2006 and proudly carries on today with a high-quality product handmade in the USA.



Speedbox: Modular Container Systems for Palletized Cargo

Used by Army Special Forces, Navy EOD, and Air Force Pararescue Jumpers

National Guard and Reserve Equipment Allocation (NGREA) Approved High Priority Item for FY2018

Made in America  |  Patent #s: D808,164 and 9,550,605 / 9,834,335 |  CAGE Code: 7ECM0 | SDVOB  |  NAICS: 26150, 321920, 322211, 326140, 316998, 423840, 541420, 326199