Endurance-40 (Military Grade)

Endurance-40 (Military Grade)

$ 575.00

Optimized for ISU 90 and 463-L pallet fit, the compact 300-lb. capacity of the Endurance-40 (military-grade) is built for stacking and ease of handling. Organize, protect and haul with the rugged durability of Speedbox — the smarter mobile storage solution. 


Model Number:E-40-MIL-001


Dimensions: 33.40”L x 19.95”W x 26.00”D
Capacity: 5.37 cubic feet; 300 lbs.; 40 gallons
Weight: 41 lbs. 
Color: Black or Coyote Brown

Used by Army Special Forces, Navy EOD, and Air Force Pararescue Jumpers

National Guard and Reserve Equipment Allocation (NGREA) Approved High Priority Item for FY2018

Made in America | Patent #s: 9,550,605 / 9,834,335 | Two year 100% satisfaction guarantee | CAGE Code: 7ECM0 | SDVOB | NAICS: 26150, 321920, 322211, 326140, 316998, 423840, 541420, 326199

  • Slim and Sturdy Container

    Slim and Sturdy Container

    Endurance-40 (military-grade) is a strong and shatter-resistant roto-molded polymer container with integral lid in a compact mobile size. Each single-walled box weighs 41 pounds, provides 40 gallons of volume, can hold up to 300 pounds and fit three to a full-size truck with room to spare. Perfect for the range, hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing or any outdoor adventure.

  • Stacking and Interlocking System

    Stacking and Interlocking System

    Designed and constructed for modular efficiency, each box nests with the one above, below and next to it, for maximized, loaded-out 463-L pallet (36 boxes) or ISU 90 container (15 boxes). Its never-fail handle doubles as a locking device between units that’s quick, easy and secure.

  • Interlocking Handle

    Interlocking Handle

    The never-fail handle doubles as a tethering device between boxes for no-shift security in transit, by quickly and easily locking into the box lid directly in front of it.

  • Solid, No-Flat, Off-Road Tires

    Solid, No-Flat, Off-Road Tires

    It takes big wheels to move heavy things. Ten-inch, solid polyurethane tires, with no air inside, eliminate any chance of a flat. Their size and tread ensure performance from any drop zone or HLZ, and heavy-duty ball bearings and grease fittings on a 5/8-inch axle support up to 300 pounds, for long-lasting durability that holds up to the elements!

  • Never-Fail Handle System

    Never-Fail Handle System

    The solid, aluminum, heavy-duty handle with ergonomically efficient grip, length and angle optimizes two-at-a-time transport. Steel-reinforced brackets ensure container integrity and durability through extra strength.

  • Lock Plates

    Lock Plates

    Two sets of solid aluminum lock plates offer two places for your padlocks, meeting the physical security regulations of the military and satisfying your own requirements to keep vital, expensive equipment safe. Army Regulation 190–51: Security of Unclassified Army Property (Sensitive and Nonsensitive)

  • Watertight, Airtight Protection with Drain

    Watertight, Airtight Protection with Drain

    The built-in gasket around the top wall creates an airtight and watertight seal. The simple air/water bleed valve, which doubles as a drain, is cast into the bottom to equalize atmospheric conditions inside and out, and enables the box to hold water or ice, if needed.

  • Vent


    The breather vent feature on Endurance-40 (military-grade) equalizes atmospheric conditions inside and outside the box, preventing vapor-lock and ensuring quick access right off the aircraft.

  • Parachute Rigging Slots / Rachet Strap Slots

    Parachute Rigging Slots / Rachet Strap Slots

    Slots are specifically sized for parachute rigging and up to 2.5-inch ratchet straps to facilitate air drop in military and emergency operations.

  • Heavy-Duty, Hinged Lid

    Heavy-Duty, Hinged Lid

    The lid is double-walled for strength and durability. Its reverse-cup design applies geometry to the underside for extra strength and creates an air cavity for insulation. A built-in gasket provides an airtight/watertight seal.

  • Heavy-Duty, Cam Latches

    Heavy-Duty, Cam Latches

    Two cam driven latches ensure a good seal between the body and the lid, closing with a solid click and visual cue for certainty and reassurance that your gear is sealed, safe, airtight and waterproof.

  • Lift Points

    Lift Points

    Four integrated lift points provide safe hand holds for lifting, placing and stacking with other boxes.

  • Customizable Label Panel

    Customizable Label Panel

    Each box has 2”x8” panels on three sides ready to receive your custom labels to clearly identify contents.

  • Cooler


    Built-in gasket, watertight seal and drain enable Endurance-40 (military-grade) to double as a cooler in a pinch.

463-L Pallet Maximum Load-out

36 Endurance-40 (military-grade) boxes: 3x4x3

Composite Dimensions: 100.46”L x 80.74”W x 75.75”H 
Composite Capacity: 193.00 cubic feet; 7,200 lbs. 
Composite Weight: 1,476 lbs. 
Net-Ready: occupies 91.5% of maximum usable space on a 463-L pallet of a C-5 Galaxy, C-17 Globemaster, or C-130 Hercules, within 8.3’ height clearance; molded channels receive/secure 463-L cargo netting.

ISU® 90 Container Flexible Load-out

15 Endurance-40 (military-grade) boxes: 2x3+3+2x3: with room in the middle for oversized equipment

Composite Dimensions: 100.46”L x 40.74”W x 75.75”H 
Composite Capacity: 80.55 cubic feet; 3,000 lbs.
Composite Weight: 615 lbs.